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Shannon's symbolic flower may be the western wallflower, both hidden and vivid, as these small flowers glow a deep orange from the forest floor. Born in Rose Medical Center of Denver, Colorado and later attempting, and often failing, to grow a plethora of plants in a small patch of the urban jungle, she's always had an urge to attempt the impossible. Amidst the defeats, a revelation about flowers occurred: only the most stalwart, humble, yet beautiful return in the semi-desert - and monsoons are sublime! 

As a teenager, Shannon completed her first mural with her mom - a modest interpretation of Monet's ​​​​​​​Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies, covering an imposing cinder block wall that blocked out one side of their small urban yard. By way of brushes taped to broom handles, the feeling was that art could open into a new world, beyond perceived limitations. 

In the Pueblo-Colorado Springs area, Shannon and co-muralist Patrick create custom murals and large-scale public art pieces. On a smaller scale, Shannon creates artwork that interweaves a variety of mediums, themes and styles. Working in watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil as well as digital "paint", Shannon incorporates themes of nature to create artwork rich with intense color and texture.


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