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  • What are the steps for a mural?
    Step 1 We will start with a chat - either a phone call, email, Facebook chat or Zoom call! This is a complimentary consultation to get started. We'll talk about your vision and wall space: colors, ideas, and goals for the artwork. Step 2 Next, we'll come up with a time for a site visit. This step is important check the wall for concerns such as surface preparation, measure square footage, and consider other factors that may be included within the quote. We will discuss site-specific details that could influence the design, and I will take photos for mock-ups. If a site visit isn't possible, we can discuss ways to send that information to me with photos, measurements and your observations of the wall. Step 3 After I have your ideas in mind, I will create a Pinterest board with images to share with you as a starting point. Once we know the direction we'll likely go in, I will put together a quote for you. Within the quote I'll include 2-3 options with differing complexity, colors or concepts for you to choose from! Step 4 Once the quote is approved and deposit is paid, it’s time to start the design process! I ask for a $150 deposit for design sketches as a great design is the groundwork for a beautiful mural! For the design sketches, I will incorporate concepts from the Pinterest board and ideas you've expressed to me to create something incredible for you and your space. You will be provided 2 design options with 2 rounds of revisions based on your input if needed. I will then create mock-ups of the mural using photos taken at the site visit so that you will have a clear visual of the completed artwork on your wall. Step 5 Now it's time for installation day! After acquiring paints and materials, finalizing the design and setting up equipment as needed, we will bring your mural to life! As much as possible, we will schedule painting according to your needs or business hours. Step 6 Finally, I will take photos and videos of the process, post to social media and will be sure to tag you (and your business) - if you'd like! This way we can be sure the world takes notice of the magic transformation - from blah wall to beautiful piece of artwork!
  • How long will a mural take?
    The completion timeline will depend on size, complexity and other factors involved - for instance, whether we'll be working on a scaffold, lift or ladders. In most cases, from time of agreeing to the proposal to install takes 3-4 weeks. This gives time to develop a concept, carry out the site visit and ensure the mural has reached your complete satisfaction. That said, if you have an event that is coming up fast, I'm happy to work together to find a speedier solution! Smaller murals may take 1-3 days, while medium to large murals with less complexity may take 1-2 weeks. We always work as efficiently as possible while focusing on providing artwork of the highest quality.
  • What paint is used for murals?
    For indoor and outdoor murals, we largely use high-quality, highly tinted exterior acrylic/latex paint. Primer may be necessary for walls have not yet been painted, such as bare concrete, brick, metal or other surfaces. Exterior paint will lend extra durability for indoor as well as outdoor murals, and limits wasting quality paint from other projects. That being said, if you have chemical sensitivities or other concerns, please let me know and we will gladly use Benjamin Moore Aura paints; this line is zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) for an additional small charge. If spray paint is necessitated by the design, we will use MTN Water-Based 100 Spray Paint which is nontoxic and odorless. Lastly, we will often use use Golden Artists' Colors heavy body acrylics for final detail work. Depending on sun and weather exposure or other factors, a UV conservation grade/anti-graffiti coating may be applied by request. Usually, this extra coating isn't necessary, but can be helpful in certain cases or locations.
  • How do pet portraits work?
    With your photograph as a reference, I will focus on your pet's personality and distinctive characteristics to create your artwork. I use highest-quality artist's oil paint or watercolor paints, primarily Gamblin, Williamsburg and Daniel Smith brands as they are excellent-quality, lightfast and beautifully vibrant. I paint oil paintings on gesso board mounted on cradled birch panels, and likewise paint watercolors on archival Aquabord surfaces mounted to cradled birch panels of 7/8 inch depth. These panels don't require framing and are ready to hang with the simple addition of framing wire, or can be hung directly on the wall or set on a shelf right away! I varnish all paintings for extra durability, and for watercolor paintings I additionally buff the surface with Dorland's wax, creating a beautiful matte finish. This durable water- and light-resistant surface allows the watercolor painting to be hung directly on the wall, without framing behind glass! However, all paintings can be framed if you like - it's up to you!
  • What's the pet portrait timeline?
    Your oil or watercolor portrait will be completed and shipped within three to four weeks to allow time for the painting and varnish to cure. I'll then carefully wrap and package your artwork with a Certificate of Authenticity, and ship via Priority Mail!
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